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Davino - RUNNER 560.2

RUNNER 560.2

RUNNER 560.2Engine 4 stroke 4 cylinder turbo diesel 1104D-44T – Water Cooled –Dry Air Filter–Max Power 74 kW @ 2.300 RPM– Stage 3

Transmission 4x4 Hydrostatic (“Air cooled with oil heat exchanger”) powered by variable deliver pump and dual displacement hydraulic motor controlled by an electro-hydraulic selector lever producing a high-low ratio in both forward and reverse – Max speed 28 Km/H - Inching Pedal.

Axles over-sized load bearing with final epicyclical gearing reducers – Front axel able to oscillate at 10° - Fixed rear axle.

Electrical System Starter 12V 3 kW. Alternator 12V 90A with regulator incorporated. Battery 12V 92Ah.

Brakes inner in-oil power disc brakes acting on all four wheels with power supplied by a twin circuit independent pump – Hydraulic inner in-oil power disc parking brake acts directly on rear axel – Emergency brake incorporated directly on service brake.

Steering Hydrostatic (Orbital Type) fed by an independent pump controlled by steering wheel - Four wheel steering by means of double action twin cylinders- Steering Selector Device on Operator’s Console for: Front Wheel Drive, 4 Wheel Bi-Lateral Drive, 4 Wheel Parallel Drive.

Frame Electrically Welded High-tempered steel - Frame mounted on roller bearing swivel ring with 180° hydraulic rotation - Automatic and negative mechanical Stop\Block – Control of the hydraulic lifting of drum cylinder by double effect Chute with hydraulic tilt and dual action cylinder controlled both from Operator’s Turret or from the ground which is independent from Drum Tilt – Manual 180° chute rotation

Bucket Loading arm with fixed high pendant dumping bucket for fast and hassle free discharge of aggregates - Cap. 600Lt– Loader Arms with 2 lifting cylinders and dual return action – 10 loading shovel - Single lever control

Water System Rapid Intake Positive Displacement Water Pump with "Self-Priming" Rotor, controlled by both the driver’s seat from the ground – Delivery 500Lt/min. - Max Pressure 2.2 bar – Dual Standard Water tanks approx. 800 Lt – Two multi-position taps for water delivery to mixing drum - Alternate Water Intake capabilities with quick disconnect hoses and filter- cleaning hose – Electronic water meter - Emergency stop from ground

Operator’s Turret rotate able, mounted on ball-bearing swivel ring - Adjustable anatomically designed seat with springy suspension ergonomically shaped for easy access to controls – Steering column thermoformed with electronic display instrumentation easily accessible and readable - User friendly dashboards and control panels- Closed cab with large high visibility windshield and wiper

Hydraulic System 3 3 Component Hydaulic Distributor - Variable cylindered pump and piston for rotation drive of drum 34Lt @ 1000 RPM – Geared pump for utilities 26Lt @ 1000 RPM – Geared pump for power steering 20Lt @ 1000 RPM – Max pressure 250 bar – Hydrostatic circuit filter (intake) 10 microns; Hydraulic Circuit filter (intake) 25 microns.

Drum Trilateral discharging, double spiral mixing blade drum with emergency manhole, double cone and convex – Hydrostatic motor-gear and variable delivery pump with orbital engine together of the redactor – Electro-hydraulic command both from the operator’s turret or from ground - Geometric volume approx.. 5.800 Lt Max Concrete Yield 4,0 mc – Drum Speed 18 RPM in both directions – Drum flexible to 180° - Hydraulic telescopic hoisting cylinder for easy and quickly discharge of cement

Ground commands availability from the ground of water meter and controls for operating the water pump, drum rotation, up/down drain and emergency stop

Dimensions (Bucket Down) L-6.930 mm (@272”) W-2.360 mm (@91”) H-3.180 mm.(@ 124”).

Weight with open cab 7.160 Kg -Tires 18-19,5 16 PR - Meets CEE road standards

Galerie RUNNER 560.2

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