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Davino - PRIMA 415.2

PRIMA 415.2

Engine Perkins 404D-22 – Diesel stroke 4 – 4 cylinder fuel injected - Water Cooled – Dry Air Filter – Max Power 37,3 kW @ 2800 RPM (HP51) – Stage 3

Transmission 4x4 Hydrostatic Automative (“Air cooled with oil heat exchanger”) powered by variable deliver pump and dual displacement hydraulic motor controlled by an electro-hydraulic selector lever producing a high-low ratio in both forward and reverse – Max speed 20,5 Km/H (13 MPH). - Inching Pedal.

Axles both over-sized load bearing with final epicyclical gearing reducers – Fixed front axel – Rear axle able to oscillate at 10°.

Electrical System Starter 12V 2 kW. Alternator 12V 65A - Battery 12V 70Ah.

Brakes inner in-oil power disc brakes acting on all four wheels with power supplied by a twin circuit independent pump – Hydraulic inner in-oil power disc parking brake acts directly on rear axel – Emergency brake incorporated directly on service brake.

Frame Electrically Welded High-tempered steel – Manually positionable chute – Hydraulic command Hopper max. discharge height 1300 mm – Chute max discharge height 1100 mm

Steering Hydrostatic (Orbital Type) fed by an independent pump controlled by steering wheel - Four wheel steering by means of double action twin cylinders- Steering Selector Device on Operator’s Console for: Front Wheel Drive/ 4 Wheel Bi-Lateral Drive/ 4 Wheel Parallel Drive – Minimum steering radius mm 900.

Bucket Loading arm with fixed high pendant dumping bucket for fast and hassle free discharge of aggregates. Cap. 230 Lt (61 gals.) - Loader Arm driven by a double acting hydraulic cylinder – Nr 6 bucks per load - Single lever control

Water System Rapid Intake Positive Displacement Water Pump with "Self-Priming" Rotor – Delivery 500Lt/min. (131 gals.) - Max Pressure 2,2 bar – Dual Standard Water tanks approx. 350 Lt (92 gals) – Two switches three way flow and use a ball valve and connected directly to the spray lance - Alternate Water Intake capabilities with quick disconnect hoses and filter - Cleaning hose – Electronic water meter – Emergency stop from ground

Operator’s Turret adjustable anatomically designed seat with springy suspension ergonomically shaped for easy access to controls – User friendly dashboards and control panels- 3 sided enclosed cab (optional cab with total closure) with large high visibility windshield and wiper

Hydraulic System 3 Component Hydaulic Distributor - Steering gear pump and drum tilt 6,3Lt @ 1000 RPM – Bucket and water pump motor gear pump 17Lt @ 1000 RPM, 2 nd speed drum drive motor and water pump – Variable delivery pump 8Lt @ 1000 RPM for 1st speed drum– Max pressure 160 bar – Hydrostatic circuit filter (intake) 10 microns; Feedback circuit filter 40 microns.

Drum double spiral mixing blade drum with emergency manhole, double cone and convex bottom – Hydrostatic motor-gear and variable delivery pump controlled by levers produce a two speed drum rotation –- Geometric volume approx.. 1400 Lt (370 gals) - Max Concrete Yield 1,1mc (1,3cubic yards) – Drum Speed 24 RPM in both directions - Drum lift cylinder double effect for quick unload

Dimensions L-4500 mm. W-1790 mm. H-2460 mm.. (Bucket Down)

Weight with open cab 2600 kg -Tires 12. x 16.5/10 PR - Meets CEE road standards

Galerie PRIMA 415.2

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